How to re-define your vision through acustomerexperience strategy


Usually, young entrepreneurs can’t imagine the future of their business and their evolution. However, by defining their vision, mission, and strategy of their enterprise, they have to know the destination of their business. In order to attract more or a different set of customers and maintain the relationship between existing customers, an enterprise has to develop a customer experience strategy.

A customer experience strategy helps a young entrepreneur to focus on the needs of their customers to facilitate their journey and their overall satisfaction. As a young entrepreneur, you might need to make minor or major changes while redefining your vision.

Your customers are the priority throughout this journey. You need to think who your target audience is and what is required by you and your staff in order to keep your customers engaged and offer them a unique experience. Let the customer experience journey begin!


The goal of this WebQuest is to help young entrepreneurs to envision the future of their enterprise by attracting new customers, a different set of customers and maintain the relationship between existing customers.

You are a young entrepreneur in the information technology sector working mostly with small and medium enterprises. Your vision entails a wide range of customers of different age groups. Your task is to help the young entrepreneur to redefine the vision and execute a customer experience strategy to attract more customers and create loyal customers by defining the future state of the enterprise. You have to work in small groups of 2-4 people to execute this activity. Then, each team needs to present what the ideal customer experience strategy to the young entrepreneur who will choose from all applicants, the best customer experience strategy for his business.


What is your current customer experience strategy? Write down what is the customer experience strategy of your enterprise. Work as a team. This link will help you to understand what customer experience strategy is: and

Step 2: Create your customer journey map

You need to define customer personas (1 – 2 examples) and a specific situation) to create your customer journey map.

The link below will help you understand how to create customer personas:

To learn how to create a customer journey map check the link below:


Step 3: Think of the touchpoints and channels of your customer journey mapping

You need to think about what touchpoints and channels are used through the customer journey mapping.

What is a touchpoint?

What are the channels?

Write them down, in your customer journey mapping.

Here is an article which will help you understand what touchpoints and channels are:

Step 4: Define the state to be

You might have to redefine the vision of the enterprise by redefining the customer journey map and the customer experience strategy. Now, you that you have detected what the areas of improvement are, you have a clearer image of where your enterprise will be in the future. Having that in mind, you can now define the customer experience strategy.

Step 5: Present your strategy!

Prepare a Power Point presentation to share your customer experience strategy.

You and your team will present the customer experience strategy to the young entrepreneur. The young entrepreneur will choose the customer experience strategy that better suits his enterprise.


Factual knowledge about customer experience strategy.Describe what a customer experience is.Awareness of customer experience strategy.
Basic knowledge about customer personas.Design customer journey mapping and personas.
Define what the difference between touchpoints and channels is.
Apply customer experience strategy to your enterprise.


Congratulations, you have reached the end of this WebQuest!

This WebQuest helped you understand the what customer experience is and its importance. Through this WebQuest, you have learned how to prepare a customer experience strategy to redefine and reinforce your enterprise’s vision. You have also learned that you need to think of your customer as a top priority and not to hesitate to change your strategy and goals after doing your research and a customer journey mapping!

You are now ready to evaluate your customer experience strategy and improve them to provide the best experience for your brand!

“Get closer than ever to your customers. So close, in fact, that you tell them what they need well before they realise it themselves”. – Steve Jobs

The vision of a young entrepreneur


Vision is a significant element of the strategic planning process that helps an enterprise to achieve their goals. Having a clear vision, helps an entrepreneur to set the goals of an enterprise and have a clear image for shaping and developing the future.

Elements of Mission and Vision Statements are combined to provide a statement of the enterprise’s purposes, goals and values. It is a vital tool, in order to create the pathway to success and make your enterprise a leader in the industry. It will support the enterprise to be a remarkable competitor in the field.

The process of defining the vision for an enterprise might be a complicated process. However, once the vision is finalised, it helps the enterprise to envisage the state to be. Also, vision gives motivation to the general staff of the enterprise to move forward into the desired direction and consists of inspiration for continuous improvement and reaching the goals set.

Now, let’s define the vision of your enterprise!


This WebQuest will help you understand how to develop a vision. One young entrepreneur is in the process of setting up a new fashion enterprise in Paris. You have to help the young entrepreneur to define their vision before making their idea a reality to follow a successful pathway.

You have to work as a team (3-4 people) and help the young entrepreneur think strategically and prepare a vision statement for their enterprise. You will conduct research and you will present it to the young entrepreneur using Google slides or PowerPoint. The young entrepreneur will choose the presentation that entails the vision, which is much closer to the enterprise. Learn how to define the vision to help the entrepreneur to turn the ideas into action!


Step 1: What is the vision statement?

You have to think what the vision statement of your enterprise is.

Watch this video that will help you understand how to write a vision statement:

Step 2: Set the goals for your enterprise. Think of the SMART goals.

S – Simple

M – Measurable

A – Attainable

R – Relevant

T – Time-bound

Read the article below to understand further which the SMART goals are and how to set a SMART goal:

Now, work with your team to write down SMART goals for your enterprise.

Step 3: Self-reflect

Think about the questions below. Try to find a proper answer according to the nature of your enterprise:

  1. For what do you want to be known for?
  2. Who will be your customers?
  3. What kind of services are you going to offer to your customers?
  4. Which are the reasons that people would like to work for your enterprise?

Write down the answers on a sheet of paper.

Compare whether the goals you have set for your enterprise are related to the answers to the questions you have just answered.

Step 4: Prepare a SWOT analysis

A SWOT Analysis is a technique which can be used within a group or by someone to self-assess their idea, business, or project. Preparing a SWOT analysis will help you identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of your enterprise.

Watch this video that will help you further understand and think:

Now, you have to prepare a SWOT analysis with your team, on Google Slides or PowerPoint presentation. You and your team will present the SWOT analysis prepared to the young entrepreneur.

Step 5: The vision for your enterprise

Now is the time to form and write the vision statement for your enterprise. You and your team will present the vision statement to the young entrepreneur, who will choose the best amongst the option for his/her enterprise. Write the vision statement.

With a new and clear vision, the enterprise is ready for new challenges and opportunities!


• Factual knowledge of what consists of a vision statement• Describe what a vision statement is• Awareness of what a vision statement for an enterprise is
• Basic knowledge of SMART goals and how to set them• Define what are the SMART goals for an enterprise• Ability to define the SMART goals for a business
• Factual knowledge of a SWOT analysis• Synthesise a SWOT analysis• Ability to demonstrate what factors need to be taken into consideration for the execution of a SWOT analysis
• Define and apply the vision statement for your enterprise• Be able to define a vision statement for an enterprise

Complete the following short quiz:

Q1: According to the video in STEP 1, a vision statement is a critical component for a great strategic plan.

1. True

2. False

Correct Answer: 1

Q2: What does SMART in “SMART goals” stands for?

1. Strong, Multipliable, Attractive, Rapid, Time-bound

2. Simple, Multipliable, Attractive, Relevant, Time-bound

3. Simple, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound

4. Strong, Measurable, Attractive, Relevant, Time-bound

Correct Answer: 3

Q3: What does SWOT stands for?

1. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats

2. Strengths, Weaknesses, Objectives and Threats

3. Search for Weaknesses, Objectives and Threats

4. Success, Win, Outstanding, and TerrificCorrect Answer: 1


Congratulations, you have reached the end of this WebQuest!

This WebQuest helped you understand what vision is and how to develop it. We have learned what a vision statement is and how we define the vision of an enterprise. We also learned what SMART goals for an enterprise are and how to define them and what a SWOT analysis.

With the knowledge gained from this WebQuest you are now ready to set realistic goals, work on your enterprise’s vision and chase your dreams. With your feet on the ground, you are now ready to aim high!

“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.” – Helen Keller