As part of the Game-Changer project, INNEO organised 2 multiplier events. The first event took place on May 31st 2021, and because of the high interest in the project, on we decided to organise a second promotional event on the August 30th 2021. A total of 36 people participated in the events conducted by INNEO – these were mainly educators, trainers, and young people interested in the project.

During the event we presented the background of the project and focused on the detailed presentation of the two Intellectual Outputs: the WebQuest Compendium of Entrepreneurship skills and the In-Service Training Programme. The Staff of INNEO explained how these results can be used by youth workers, trainers, and youth interested in improving their entrepreneurial knowledge and competences. The event also included networking. Participants had the opportunity to discuss with the INNEO staff their thoughts about the project, they had the chance to get acquainted with the project e-learning portal and were invited to create an account and use the resources.

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